Martin Visser Set

This set of sofa (bz12) and lounge chair was designed by Martin Visser for the Spectrum in 1969. The series was exhibited in 1969 for the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo of 1970 held in Osaka Japan. Chromed steel base with cognac faux suede leather cushions. The set is in good vintage condition.

Dimensions chair: 68cm high, 78cm wide and 80cm deep.

Dimensions sofa: 68cm high, 220cm wide and 80cm deep.

Price for the set: 1195 Euro

Bright Blue Chair

This dutch designed lounge chair from the 1960s has bright blue upholstery. The style of this design chair is very organic mid-century with a unique shape of the base and armrests.

Dimensions: 76,5cm h, 71cm w and 86cm d.

Price: 225 Euro

Martin Visser (bro)

This SZ 09 or Nagoya Lounge chair was designed by Martin Visser and exhibited in 1969 for the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo of 1970 held in Osaka Japan. This very comfortable lounge chair was inspired by earlier designs from Bauhaus. The original brown leather shows very nice patina. Published in: ‘t Spectrum ‘Moderne meubelvormgeving en naoorlogs idealisme’ by Jojanneke Clarijs by Uitgeverij 010, Rotterdam page 89.

Dimensions: 89cm high, 78cm wide and 94cm deep.

Price: 725 Euro

Fiberglass Chairs

Great set of 4 side chairs from unknown designer and produced by KVZ Semily (Czechoslovakia). Clearly inspired by the DSX molded fiberglass side chairs by Chares and Ray Eames for Herman Miller and Mid-Century. This is a fantastic iconic set of 4 chairs in red and yellow. The shells are in vintage condition with the bases showing age patina. A great set whether you are a collector or just love their beautiful lines. These should be yours and would look lovely in an industrial/ loft home or workshop.

Dimensions: 88cm h, 43cm w and 53cm d.

Setprice: 795 Euro

A.Hovmand Olsen

The model 71 chair was designed by Arne Hovman Olsen for Mogens Kold Møbelfabrik in the 1950s. The details of these teak chairs are amazing: the armrests are wrapped with artificial material, the seat is attached by brass seat fittings. The wood joints have pale and dark wood inlays.

Dimensions: 77cm high, 48cm wide and 52cm deep.

Price for the set: 2400 Euro

Set 2 lounge chairs

This pair of dutch designed lounge chairs from the 1960s have been newly upholstered in a very warm petrol blue Kvadrat fabric. The style of this design chair is very organic mid-century with a unique shape of the armrests.

Dimensions: 83cm high, 74cm wide and 85cm deep.

Price for the set: 1295 Euro

DS-231 De Sede

Rare and highly desirable De Sede S 231 vintage lounge swivel club armchair. This chair was produced by De Sede, Switzerland in the late 1960s. In the James Bond film , On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, this chair was used. Upholstered in beautifully aged brown aniline leather with superb whipstitch edge detail. The chairs sits on a chrome swivel base.

Dimension: 93cm high, 82cm wide and 95cm deep

Price: 1195 Euro

Architect's chair

This beautifully aged piece is full of character. The industrial look will fit in your home, office or workshop perfectly. The stool has great patina on metal and wood. The piece tells the story of a great and eventful life. Simple but beautiful design. Overall condition is consistent with age and use.

Dimensions: 102cm high, 70cm wide, seating height is 71cm.

Price: 249 Euro

Fabricius Bird

3-legged version “Bird” office chairs made with brushed steel and leather upholstery (quite recent). Price per item, 3 availabble.

Dimensions: 90cm h, 70cm w, 72cm d.

Price: 1195 Euro

Harcourt F518

Comfortable Mid Century lounge chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort with grey wool. The chair has a round metal base.

Dimensions : Height: 85cm, Width: 90 cm, Depth: 92cm,

Price: 1095 Euro

Vintage Chairs

A set of two vintage lounge chairs. They feature organic wooden frames with beautiful new upholstery of yellow and grey/taupe woolfelt fabric.

Dimensions: 89h, 62w, 75d.

Price: 695 Euro (set)

Harcourt F585

In 1962 British designer Geoffrey Harcourt ( 1935 ) joined the Artifort team, and developed the luxury ‘F-series’ lounge chairs in the late 1960s. There are two sizes of this model and this is the larger model with the high back. Very comfortable, the chair retains its original durable Artifort leather in a mid grey color. With no tears or stains to the upholstery, and the foam remaining comfortable and strong, the piece sits on a metal base.

Dimensions: 96cm h, 95cm w, 96cm d.

Price: 1195 Euro

Velvet chair

Design period: 1960-1969. Country of production: Italy. Style: Vintage Mid Century, Modern Italian. Condition very good: this vintage article has no flaws, but may have minor signs of wear. Materials: Brass, velvet. Color: Gold, blue/green.

Dimensions: 81cm h, 73cm w, 82cm d.

Price: 795 Euro

Organic chairs

Sculptural set of lounge chairs all handmade with the use of the highest quality materials, like solid american nutwood and Kvadrat upholstery. Beautiful organic shapes with floating curved design, the seat is tilted backwards to enable comfortable lounging. This set can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice

Dimensions: 75cm h, 60cm w, 82cm d.

Price: 2395 Euro for the set
(based on Kvadrat Divina Melange fabric)

Ekstrom Pastoe

Very nice set of high and low easy chair by Yngve Ekström for Pastoe. The original design for these chairs was part of the Mingo-series and made for ESE-möbler / Swedese. The models we have were documented in the Pastoe catalogs and were displayed in the Pastoe showrooms back in the 60s. The chairs have a new dark grey Kvadrat Remix upholstery and teak frames with beautiful armrests.

Dimensions high chair: 96h, 70w, 82d.

Dimensions low chair: 72h, 70w, 71d.

Price for the set: 1495 Euro

De Ster Fauteuils

This set of teak armchair (the Knot) was made by De Ster Gelderland in the 1960s. The teak frames have organic designs with a detail shaped like a knot. The chair have new blue/grey upholstery.

Dimensions: 71cm w, 80cm d, 78cm h (ladies chair) and 71cm w, 82cm d and 100cm h (gentlemans chair).

Price: 1695 Euro

Martin Visser (cog)

In 1969 this chair was designed by Martin Visser for the World Expo in Osaka Japan in 1970. Original brown leather in good condition with nice painga. The Bauhaus style frame is also in good condition.

Dimensions: 79cm w, 86cm d, 90cm h.

Price: 895 Euro

AW Iversen Chair

Original design by Danish designer Arne Wahl Iversen with Solid teak frame. Reupholstered with green linen-look fabric Lima. Very good condition.

Dimensions: 92cm h, 70cm w, 80cm d.

Price: 795 Euro

Set Rohe Chairs

Organically shaped lounge chairs made by Rohé Noordwolde - designed and produced in the 1960s. They are reupholstered in a dark green melange boucle upholstery and they have a shiny aluminium star shaped base.

Dimensions of the low chair 74cm h, 82cm w and 84cm d.

Dimensions of the high chair: 95cm h, 86cm w and 90cm d.

Price: 1595 Euro for the set

AW Iversen Sofa

Danish lounge sofa designed by Arne Wahl Iversen and manufactured by Komfort, Denmark 1960. This sofa has a solid teak wooden frame and green linen-look upholstered cushions (fabric Lima). The upholstery is in excellent but (shortly) used condition. The teak wooden frame is also in excellent condition. Very nicely shaped and comfortable lounge sofa.

Dimensions: 176cm w, 74cm d, 77cm h.

Seat height appr. 35cm.

Price: 1595 Euro

Harcourt F518

Comfortable mid century lounge chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort. The chair has been reupholstered with new blue Divina Melange (Kvadrat). The chair has a blue round metal base.

Dimensions: 77cm h, 81cm w, 92cm d.

Price: 1295 Euro

Orange Slice

The famous Orange Slice Chair by Pierre Paulin was designed in the 1960s. The fabric and the foam are in very good vintage condition, the chair is upholstered in a beautiful red color.

Dimensions: 86cm wide, 80cm deep and 70cm high.

Price: 1195 Euro

Modernist French

France, 1950s. Set of two important modernist armchairs, with one matching ottoman, angled metal legs with self adjusting feet. Reupholstered in two tone velvet (Kravet Voyage Jade and Anzea LaFayette Flatiron). In as good as new condition.

Dimensions: 100cm h, 72cm w, 85cm d, ottoman 38cm h and 52cm w/d.

Setprice: 2495 Euro

Rohe Chair

Great swivel chair of Rohe Noordwolde Dating of the 50/60 Netherlands. Original tissue in used condition. Metal star base chrome plated.

Dimensions: 80cm w, 78cm, 70cm h.

Price: 495 Euro

Curved Sofa

Sculptural sofa all handmade with the use of the highest quality materials, like solid american nutwood and Kvadrat Tonica upholstery. Beautiful organic shapes with floating curved design, the seat is tilted backwards to enable comfortable lounging. This sofa can be upholstered with a fabric of your choice

Dimensions: 225 cm l, 77cm h, 102cm d.

Price: 4500 Euro

Pinguin chair

Beautiful Penguin chair by Theo Ruth for Artifort, manufactured in The Netherlands in 1957. This iconic chair is newly upholstered in Eames Dots & Lines (in rich red, darker than captured on the photoos)combined with black Kvadrat Hallingdal fabric. The seating and back and armrests are divided in two interlocking pieces. This stunning piece of Dutch design would make a real eye-catcher in any interior!

Dimensions: 84cm h, 72cm w, 80cm d.

Price: 1295 Euro

Rob Parry Sofa

Rare sofa, which can be converted to a bed, by Rob Parry for Gelderland, 1958. The sofa can be changed to a bed very easily. New Kvadrat Hallingdal upholstery in off white/beige. This sofa was in production for one year only and is very hard to find. This one is in excellent condition, with newly finished wood, new foam and new upholstery.

Dimensions: 210cm wide (192cm in between armrests), 80cm deep and 70cm high.

Price: 2495 Euro

Mushroom Paulin

Mushroom chair by Pierre Paulin for Artifort, 3 available. They still have their original Kvadrat Tonus dark orange fabric. The chairs are in very good vintage condition..

Dimensions: 68cm h, 88cm d, 90cm w.

Price: 1295 Euro

De Ster Chairs

Vintage de Ster Gelderland set of 2 lounge chairs with teak frame in organic design and elegant armrests. New woolfelt upholstery in petrol blue.

(Matching sofa available)

Dimensions: 71cm w, 78 cm d, 81cm h.

Price for the set of 2: 1595 Euro

60s chairs wool

Beautiful set of mid century chairs with beige colored merino wool upholstery.

Dimensions: 76cm h, 64 cm w, 77cm d.

Price for this set: 595 Euro

Paulin ABCD chair

Amazing lounge chair designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort, Holland, 1968. The chair has been reupholstered in three-tone colors of Kvadrat Tonus (which was also used originally by Artifort). All foam has been renewed. The chair is terefor in excellent condition and super comfortable. This is an old edition with the wheels, not the new edition with the cube legs. Highly collectible.

Dimensions: 61cm h, 83cm w, 82cm d.

Price: 2295 Euro

De Ster Sofa

Vintage de Ster Gelderland sofa with teak frame in organic design and elegant armrests. New woolfelt upholstery in petrol blue.

(Matching chairs available)

Dimensions: 184cm l, 78 cm d, 81cm h.

Price: 1395 Euro

Olsen Papa Bear

Very rare and exclusive lounge chair "papa bear" by Kurt Olsen by Slagelse Denmark. The wooden frame is reworked and the chair is freshly reupholstered in finest quality wool fabric.

Dimensions: Width 80cm, Depth 90cm, Height 92cm.

Price:1995 Euro

v. Os Lounge chair

This mid-century easy chair was designed by G. van Os in the 1950s and made by Dutch company Van Os Culemborg. As this is a prototype model which did not make it into mass production this model is very rare and exclusive. It features black wooden legs and armrests & legs and is re-upholstered in purple wool Kvadrat fabric (Tonica) . The chair is in an excellent fully refurbished condition. This is the ultimate lounge chair due to a flexible plywood backrest.

Dimensions: 90h, 77d, 65w.

Price: 795 Euro

F518 Chair

Comfortable midcentury lounge chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort. The chair has been reupholstered with new blue Divina Melange (Kvadrat). The chair has a blue round metal base.

Dimensions: 77cm h, 81cm w, 92cm d.

Price: 1295 Euro

Harcourt F522

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort, large rotating armchair in dark petrol blue leather. Model F522. Design from the 1960s. This gorgeous armchair is upholstered with aniline leather, has a nice design and sits comfortably. In its original condition.

Measurements: Height: 83 cm, width: 84 cm, depth: 90 cm.

Price: 995 Euro

2x F976 Artifort

This set of mid-century F976 lounge chair was designed by Geoffrey Harcourt and manufactured for Artifort in the Netherlands during 1968. The chairs feature metal bases and plastice shells, with original taupe grey leather upholstery. Dimensions : H68 x B70 x D 78 cm, seating height 37 cm.

Price: 1795 Euro (for the set)

Elda Colombo

This armchair in new brown leather (ElmoSoft) was designed by Joe Colombo and was produced by Comfort in 1960s. It is newly upholstered and professionally lacquered and is therefor in perfect condition.

Dimensions: 95h, 100w, 96d.

Price: 5500 Euro

Rattan loungers

These vintage lounge chairs are real 1960s beauties! The bright yellow cushions give even more comfort. The lounge chairs have some traces of use and some visible repairs in the rattan (see also photographs), but overall they are in very good vintage condition.

Dimension: 64cm wide, 96cm h heigh, 153cm long.

Price for the set: 995 Euro

Rare T.Ruth Sofa

Unique and very rare Artifort sofa designed by Theo Ruth in the early 1950's. Newly upholstered with two tones of grey Kvadrat Divina Melange.

Vraagprijs: 2295 Euro

(Currently displayed in Hastings, UK)

Pine wood boucle

Set of two 1950s lounge chairs featuring boucle green upholstery and a very nicely shaped solid pine wood frame, gentlemen’s chair with sleak armrests. Most likely Dutch in origin. The measurements provided are for the larger of the two.

Measurements: Height: 87 cm, width: 66 cm, depth: 83 cm.

Price for set of 2: 995 Euro

M. Visser BR03

Day Bed BR03 designed by Martin Visser in 1960 and produced by ‘t Spectrum, Bergeijk. The sofa has a square tubular frame in black lacquered metal. The back and seat are completely reupholstered in blue Kvadrat Remix fabric. The cubic armrests has been upholstered in a dark grey Kvadrat Remix fabric. The seat can be pulled forward really easy, and the sofa becomes a one person bed.

Measurements: 190cm l, 71cm h and 82cm d.

Price: 1495 Euro

Theo Ruth 115

A small sofa or loveseat, Model 115 executed in woolfelt fabric, designed by Theo Ruth for Artifort, Holland, 1959. The sofa is recently reupholstered, and has a black frame (wood). The back tilts slightly backward and seems to lean into the frame, inviting the sitter to sit down. The characteristic flow and feel of a Ruth's design which gives this sofa an amazing seating comfort. The piece is in excellent condition.

Measurements: 80 x 140 x 80 CM (D x L x H).

Price: 2500 Euro

Bovenkamp lounge

Lounge/ Sofa set by Aksel Bender Madsen for Bovenkamp, 1960s. Unique set with matching Bovenkamp coffee table and matching Bovenkamp side table. Beautiful frame in combination of teak and oak. Set is in excellent condition, with new upholstery on chair and Sofa (Kvadrat Tonica).

Dimensions sofa: 85cm h, 163cm l and 72cm w. Dimensions lounge chair: 85cm h, 66cm w, 72cm d. Dimensions coffee table: 47cm h, 100cm w, 71cm d. Sidetable: 45cm h, 44cm w and 27cm d.

Price: 2850 Euro for the complete set.

Daybed leather

A beautiful vintage daybed with rounded corners and coned legs, new mattress and leather upholstery (ElmoNordic grey). This would make a stylish addition to any living or work area. A striking piece of classic mid century furniture. The daybed is in good condition with minor traces of use.

Dimensions: 43h, 84d, 190l (14cm thick mattress).

Price: 725 Euro

Chair in Boucle

This dutch designed lounge chair from the 1960s has been newly upholstered in a very nice blue boucle fabric. The style of this design chair is very organic mid-century with a unique shape of the backrest and armrests.

Dimensions: 80cm h, 74cm w, 82cm d.

Price: 475 Euro

(Currently displayed in Hastings)

SB02 Pastoe

Rare and beautiful set of 4 SB02 dining chairs or side chairs, designed in 1952 by Cees Braakman, manufactured in the Netherlands by UMS Pastoe. When Braakman designed these chairs, he was clearly inspired by the works of Charles & Ray Eames, having been to the US to learn about new methods in bent ply. They are made from birch ply with a black lacquered seat and back. In excellent condition.

Dimensions: 82h, 47w, 50d. Seating height appr. 44cm.

Price: 1495 Euro

Skopa chairs

Pair of ' Skopa' indoor/outdoor lounge chairs in 70s orange and brown. The chairs are designed by Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Torben Lind in 1974 and manufactured for IKEA. They are both in good condition with only minor surface marks visible under scrutiny. They look stunning from every angle and are truly iconic Scandinavian modern design. They represent an excellent investment as well as a true design statement in any space - indoors or outside. An inherently strong design, these are excellent quality and perfectly robust at over 40 year old. As the original canvas cushions were not in good condition, we made 2 new round cushion in a matching fabric. The chairs stack for ease of transportation/storage.

Dimensions; H 61cm, W 70cm, D 74cm.

Price for the set: 350 Euro

Kurva, Ekstrom

The Lamino chair designed by Yngve Ekstrom is very well known, but this beautiful chair is more early and more rare. It is considered to be the precursor to the Lamino chair. The chair has a black wooden frame and it was professionally restored about 5 years ago, at that time it was reupholstered with lovely goat leather. So if you like unique and beautiful items this chair will curved chair is a must have for you.

Dimensions: 100cm h, 67cm w and 80cm d.

Price: 1495 Euro

Fischel Bentwood

A simple Childs Bentwood Chair by Fischel, in used condition but still very charming.

Price: 75 Euro

Giorgetti style

Pair of italian armchairs in the style of Giorgetti, 1980s. New Kvadrat Waterborn upholstery, chairs are in excellent condition.

Dimensions:89cm h, 69cm w, 72cm d.

Price for the set: 995 Euro

Zanuso style

Vintage italian design newly upholstered armchair with beautifully curved armrests from the 1950s in the style of Marco Zanuso.

Dimensions: 91h, 70w, 80d.

Price 495 Euro