EB01 Braakman

Designed by Cees Braakman for UMS Pastoe in 1951, rare to find! The center tops opens and reveals a extra storage space and mirror. The drawers are the famous anti dust style drawers of Cees Braakman. The fronts of storage space and drawers are in beatiful teak, which makes this issue of the EB01 extremely rare. This item shows signs of age; The tops has some loss of clear laquer and stains. But overall this item is in good vintage condition. The original stamp with serial number is still visiible (although somewhat faded).

Dimensions: 74cm h, 120cm w, 49cm d.

Price 1295 Euro

French Side Table

An elegant walnut antique small three tier etagere table, originating from France, circa 1870. The table has two additional shelves with intricate inlay work of flowers and other decorations. The edge of each tier is brass mounted and is raised on four cabriole legs, each with brass decorations. In vintage condition with some small missing elements in the marquetry and traces of use.

Dimensions: 82cm h, 45cm w, 32cm d.

Price: 185 Euro

Teak coffee table

Vintage sixties teak veneer coffee table with square pattern in veneer top.. Designer and manfacturere unknown.

Dimensions are: 136cm l, 38cm h, 46cm d.

Price: 199 Euro

Opal coffee table

Unique vintage design coffee table, produced by Opal. Beautiful with its organic design and light colors. In good vintage condition.

Prijs: 325 Euro

Tijsseling Desk

Vintage mid century teak desk produced by Tijsseling in the 1960s, made in The Netherlands. With its large bookshelf on the back it is very nice to use free-standing in your room/ office. Beautiful shapes .

Dimensions: 175cm l, 75cm h, 75cm d.

Price: 895 Euro

Prouve style desk

Great 1950s heavy steel desk with formica top in grey, yellow, red and white. With new inside drawers in original colors. This desk is unmarked but documented in the book “Holland in Vorm” and it was shown on an advertisement from Océ. With matching Kembo chair in blue and light grey with black metal frame

Dimensions desk: 97w, 48d, 80h.

Dimensions chair: 83h, 43w, 49d.

Price for this set: 1095 Euro

Organic table

New mahogany coffee table with beautiful organic shapes. In the style of Vladimir Kagan, shows great craftsmanships. One of a kind and absolutely stunning.

Dimensions: 140cm l, 50cm d, 43cm h.

Price: 745 Euro

Iversen Secretary

Beautiful Danish modern rosewood cabinet designed by Arne Wahl Iversen in the 1960s. A key opens the desk top, which flips down to reveal mini drawers, letter organizers and a built-in light. In excellent vintage condition.

Dimensions: 109 cmHx85 cmWx44 cmD.

Price: 1295 Euro

Trolley Cassina

Tea trolley designed by Cesare Lacca for Cassina in 1956. The body of the trolley is made from teak with a glass tray. The trolley is in a perfect condition.

Dimensions: Width 44cm, Depth 85cm

Prijs: 299 Euro

Art Deco Dressing

We present you this vanity in walnut veneer, circa 1940s. This piece of furniture is placed on short black legs. The whole is composed of a base with 6 drawers and a cabinet with two doors, all made in a beautiful round shape. Comes with a separate mirror, this mirror is in a wooden frame. All drawers have beautifully shaped Bakelite / Plastic grips. The mirror itself and the wood of the vanity show traces of use as shown on the photographs.

Dimensions: 74cm h, 130cm l, 62cm d.

Price: 995 Euro

Drinks trolley

Chaty Vallauris, Rare 1960s bar cart. A fine French drinks cart table or trolley server (or bar cart) of cast iron and glass. Marked Chaty Vallauris.

Dimensions: 81cm h, 56 cm w/d.

Price 495 Euro

EB04 Desk Pastoe

Beautiful writing desk designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in the early 50s. This EB04 desk is part of the 'Birch Series'. It has 3 drawers on the left and on the right a door with 2 shelves behind and an additional working leaf above. The door and the upper drawer can be locked, the original Pastoe key is with it. The backside of the desk is finely finished, what makes it perfect to stand in the middle of a room. The desk is in very good condition.

Dimensions: w: 140cm ; d: 70cm ; h: 75cm.

Price: 1095 Euro

Braakman Trolley

This mid-century bar cart or tea trolley was designed in the 1959 in Holland by Cees Braakman. It is made from plywood and bentwood and is in very good condition. Dimensions: 50cm width, 65cm depth and 60cm height.

Price: 275 Euro

TH08 Pastoe table

Pastoe TH08 teak coffee table with reversible white/teak top.

Dimensions: 120L x59D x40H.

Price: 225 Euro.