Set of 2 Vintage Rattan Lounge Chairs H. Broekhuizen for Rohé Noordwolde, The Netherlands 1960


Set of 2 Rare Rattan Chairs designed by H. Broekhuizen for Rohe Noordwolde in the 1960s. Although these rattan chair look simple, it takes real craftsmanship to make them. In Noordwolde they have been working with rattan since 1825. The two best-known rattan companies were Rohe Noordwolde and Gebr. Jonkers. Material: rattan seat on a black metal base. This set is still in very good and original condition.

Dimensions biggest chair: 87cm h, 74cm w and 65 cm deep.
Smaller chair: 80cm h, 71cm wide and 62cm deep.
The seat height of both chairs is 40 cm.